Dr. Tim’s New Book


We need a big surge of love! The world is in serious trouble. Mass violence, the dissolution of the family, crime, poverty, and moral decay are rooted in the breakdown of love relationships with God, family, and others. Honest leaders have become painfully aware that institutional church programs are falling short in solving these problems. Therefore, this training manual proposes the biblical strategies which will actually affect change in people and culture. It is all about igniting much more love!

The church is to be the primary catalyst for bringing the kingdom of God on earth. This is a field manual to help us advance Christ’s kingdom.

God is a Father, Son and Spirit – a Family of Three, yet One. Therefore, He will only build His kingdom in congruence to His own nature, which is the Trinitarian pattern of family.

This training manual is all about how to make vibrant disciples of Christ, sons and daughters, in the context of small spiritual families on mission. It is about producing eternal fruit by creating a disciple-making culture resulting in generational transfer.

Church leaders are desperately searching for ways to stop the mass exodus of believers from leaving “organized religion.” This decline in church participation is a result of a lack of relational love and intimacy. Micro-Church families are the most effective way to help people connect meaningfully with God and with one another.

Caring leaders are looking for biblical solutions to real problems. How do we inspire loving community among our members? How can we be more effective at healing the sick and the broken-hearted? How do we train and mobilize our churches to reach the lost with the gospel? How can we infiltrate and incarnate God’s love in all spheres of society – the “seven mountains” of influence? Fortunately, the Bible tells us the answers. Jesus modeled the way. Just like the early church, who met house to house, we can form dynamic small spiritual families that make disciples, provide inner-healing, and reach our neighbors. 


Bill Johnson

Shortly after His resurrection, Jesus left His followers with a final commandment: “go and make disciples of all nations…surely I am with you always.” As believers, we have inherited both this empowering commission and the promise of His abiding presence. But the need to carry out this mandate can be overwhelming. In this training manual, Micro-Church Families on Mission, Dr. Johns has compiled numerous resources with practical tools to help us to fulfill this extremely important assignment. This manual is filled with biblical insights, firsthand experience, and pragmatic advice to help us in building sustainable communities of believers who are empowered to impact culture for God’s kingdom.

Randy Clark

Timothy Johns’ Micro-Church Families on Mission training manual adds an important perspective on missions. This is a very practical manual and one which gives guidance to those who take a less traditional approach to church and mission. I have known Timothy for quite a few years and respect his commitment to the advancement of the Kingdom of God and his ability to communicate important training materials. He is passionate about global revival and has worked to present a biblical strategy for saturating communities through micro-church planting.