Inner Healing

One of the main purposes of inner healing and deliverance is to help people become “sons of God” who are being transformed into Christ’s likeness. This process is called sanctification. Inner healing and deliverance are Biblical strategies for helping people deal with the effects of sin, painful and damaging experiences, and demonic oppression, so they can live free and fully alive. Prayers from the heart, made in faith, release God’s mercy and grace which liberate us from the “false self”, sin, and Satan. God is restoring our covenant relationships with Himself and others, so that we can receive the maximum level of His Life, Light, Love (His positive “energy”). This ongoing and ever-increasing infusion of God’s Life, Light, Love (energy) dislodges and displaces sin and Satanic energy, allowing us to be progressively transformed into Christ’s likeness. As “sons of light”, connected properly in covenant unity and love with God and each other, we have the authority and power to advance Christ’s kingdom on earth.

Inner healing is the process in which Christ imparts His Grace and Truth to renew the mind and transform the heart into the whole and healthy condition God intended. With the mind and heart of Christ, we can have a lifestyle of covenant oneness (intimacy & love) with God and others. In the overflow of that love we will impact the world by helping to advance Christ’s kingdom on earth.