Micro-Church Planting Workshop

Micro-Church Planting Workshop – July 15-17, 2017

402 Corthell Rd, Laramie, WY 82070


Download the Schedule – Micro-Church Planting Workshop Schedule


Here are a few of the themes we will cover at the Micro-Church Planting Workshop:

  1. Your personal preparation:  Developing into the kind of Christ-follower who lives in your true identity as a son or daughter, who walks in personal revival, cultivating intimacy with Christ and Christ’s Body. How to grow in your relational and leadership skills that result in joy and maturity. We lead and influence others from who we are, how much we emit Christ’s life, love, affection, joy, wisdom, and power.
  2. How to impart Father’s heart, identity as sons/daughters, and transfer biblical values, vision, culture, and strategies that advance Christ’s kingdom on earth.
  3. The Big “Why”s” and “What’s” and “How’s To’s” for Micro-churches.
  4. The essential steps for starting and multiplying a micro-church, with a special emphasis on worship, prayer, and the dynamics of spiritual warfare.
  5. How to make disciples who make disciples. The capacity to diagnose each person’s level of maturity and develop a growth strategy. We will introduce how to establish faith-goals in the five areas of grace (Christ, Community, Character, Calling, Competence). We will also introduce “The Life Model” as a powerful tool for increasing relational healing, joy, and maturity. Recommended reading: Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You” and “Rare Leadership”.   www.JoyStartsHere.com
  6. How to do inner-healing and deliverance. Recommended reading: “Prayers That Heal The Heart” by Mark Virkler
  7. How to form DNA Groups (2’s & 3’s) as the “Ekklesia” that has the legal-legislative authority to displace hell’s influence with the kingdom of God in cities, regions, nations. Recommended reading: “Ekklesia” by Ed Silvoso.
  8. The importance of generational transfer and strategies for loving and discipling children.
  9. Effective strategies for evangelism.
  10. Effective strategies for leadership development and micro-church multiplication

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